Can't truly blog from the iPad??

How frustrating! I just got my iPad for blogging on the go and, lo and behold, I've discovered that to be a fairly pointless endeavor. How is this possible?

Because Steve Jobs is still in some sort of pissing match with Adobe and won't allow Flash on the iPad (or any iDevice).

He may think the whole world is supposed to be about HTML5, but apparently the whole world missed that memo. EVERY blogging site's web interface requires flash to be fully functional. Want to compose a post using a WYSIWYG editor? Oh, so sorry. Want to create or modify the design of your blog? Good luck trying to drag and drop modules (from column one to column two, for example).

No problem, I thought. Surely a whole slew of blogging apps exist to resolve these problems. What a joke - turns out there are a whopping TWO apps for bloggers. Plus, one of them is solely for Wordpress users (I use multiple blogging platforms). Oh, did I mention that both apps completely suck?

The Wordpress app offers even less functionality than one would get by using the web interface from an iPad, so what's the point?

And BlogPress may work with multiple blog platforms but unless you either feel like writing your posts using straight HTML, or your blog posts are plain text, with no need for pictures, lists, etc, well that makes BlogPress completely useless. Sure, I know HTML. Does that mean I want to blog that way? Hell no!

And it's not like android tablets are a better bet. Sure, they're better for blogging from the browser...but not for much else. There isn't a single android app designed specifically for tablet use, and whether an existing app will work depends on the specific tablet you bought. And right now there's only one tablet (Motorola Xoom) which even uses the version of the OS (v3, aka Honeycomb) that's actually designed for tablets - and guess what? Honeycomb is super buggy. Yay. Not.

So all in all, I find the state of mobile blogging via tablets to be Technically UNCOOL. And despite the fact that that's the reality of things, I still find myself to be in shock that that could really be the case. WTF?!?