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My free PSP is being delivered today — thank you, Gratis Networks!  They even shipped it out 2nd day air!  Now I’m trying for a Free Nintendo DS, a Free MacMini, a Free Xbox (mine just died ) and an Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle.  It’s 3:50 and DHL’s tracking estimates my PSP will be here by 4:45, so I started to do a little searching on the net to find out what extra capabilities the PSP might have.  I’d heard there were a number of PSP hacks that allowed you to do things like surf the internet in any wifi access point.  How cool would that be??  Well apparently it’s possible.  There’s an article over at Make on Using the PSP as a web browser.  Sweet!  I can’t wait to try it for myself!


jacob engers

can i browse like opening sites like yahoo on the psp.

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