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April 2005

Gmail supports "plus" addressing

This means that if your gmail address is [email protected], you can send an email to [email protected].

This is a great little known feature, because you can use it to identify which websites are selling your email info to spammers.  For example, lets say you want to fill out a sweepstakes form on and it asks for your email address.   Instead of  telling them your address is [email protected], tell them it is  [email protected].  That way you know that any email that is sent to that address ([email protected]) ORIGINATED in some way from - either the email is from them, or they sold you out and gave it to spammers and now you know who to blame.  And you can now set up a filter to delete all email sent to [email protected] if it's getting spamridden, making gmail accounts have automatic disposable addresses.

This is very similar to yahoo mail's "Address Guard" feature, except that you don't have to login to gmail to create the disposable address every time you want a new one.  Just add a plus sign to your username and put whatever you want after the plus sign and you've got your new address.  Pretty nifty.