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Personally, I'm a big fan of soaker hoses. I find it easier to control the volume of water and I feel they waste less water overall.

Emily from How to Blog

I've just started using soaker hoses in the front of my house by one of the gardens -- it's awesome!


Automation is great as long as you do not take the "set it and forget it" approach. Just because it is "Thursday" is no reason to water your plants. Studies have proven that homes with automatic sprinkler systems waste more outdoor water than manually watered yards. Why? Nobody is going to pull a hose around if the grass looks good.

Perry Degener

Craid has a great point about using a manual shut off for the drip system. The manual arbitration is the greenest way!

Account Deleted

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Annabelle Vandorn

I read that post a few days back, when I was looking for blogs about home and garden improvement. If you're one of those busy gardeners (like me), you should integrate this in your garden - especially if you're trying to grow vegetables that needs constant irrigation.

surrey building services

I invested in one of these this spring.... best peice of garddning kit I've ever bought!

Gina Mitchell

Having the traditional way of watering the plants and vegetable will always be the most unique thing in gardening. It is your time to talk to the plants. Plants need more of your time also.

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