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basement ideas

Another idea from a show that is set in an indoor space without windows is DS-9. They do an attractive lighting technique by putting spot light in the ceiling, but behind a grid. The grid casts intriqueing shadows down on the characters.

basement ideas

In most from the cases, for basement flooring ideas, carpets are usually considered as the past basement flooring choice, after wood and also vinyl floorings.

Herb Koguchi

There are also other ways to light windowless basement, such as putting Japanese lanterns that use light bulbs or track lights. There are other creative ideas for DIY lighting. You can make recycled lampshades using flower pots, used clothes, and water bottles. It all depends on your imagination, and on how you want the lights to work in your basement.

CRD Corporation

Thanks for the great tips on lighting and perspective in the basement! My basement was a bit of a barren wasteland, and was not at all inviting. I gave the draperies with the lights behind them a shot, and wow did it turn out great! Other ideas to increase the looks is the flooring, which when done correctly certainly helps the look. Personally, I chose to install Raised Access Flooring and mixed light and dark tiles depending on the part of the basement! Now the television area has a more homey feel, while the gaming area has a more bright look! Thanks again for the excellent tips!

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