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Hey! They are amazing. how you got them, Really they are mind blowing.. Lots of emotions are including. Seems, like they love each other a lot. "o MAMA"


Would like to know what happen with baby hippo whats he up to now need up date


This is a wonderful and touching story of Owen and Mzee,
I have both books of them that I bought for my grandaugher at the age of 6, and she thought it was wonderful that two diferent types of animals could care enough and get along well enough to care for each others well being.


hi! its cute...both are adorable couple...hehe


hi! its cute...both are adorable couple...hehe

me roxex

i luv goergeie lol

lolly popz

soooooo cute!


You guys are all so cool.


You guys are all so cool.

Bailey Close

That is so tuching! :)


This is so cute I love tortises and hippos!!!But i've never herd of a tortise adopting a hippo but they look like they have fun together.


Wow! I just though I was going to see some cute pictures. Well I guess I did. Thanks for sharing them. Peace & Love All


its soooooooooo cute.........n it is really nice..........it gives us all a beautiful message.....


1st of all what did Nohbdy say cuz i want to know but it sounds bad and 2nd of all stop calling people morons if u dont even know them and 3rd of all i love the pictures they r sssoooo cute


i havent...yet

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