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Having grown up on Long Island, I fled as quickly as possible (which meant college). Went to Middlebury College in Vermont - (class of 93, BA in Mathematics). Loved it there, but felt the need for city living without the rush rush rush of NYC, and my love of computers and mild weather landed me in San Francisco for 15 wonderful years. I then spent a few years living near family in Raleigh, NC, but as much as I love my awesome family North Carolina was killing me. Fortunately, I met my soulmate Brian and we took off for the amazingly creative, musical, artistic and techy fabulous city of Austin, TX - I LOVE it here, although the summers can get hot!!

I feel really blessed b/c the universe has guided me to where I am now.

After working crazy hours as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Borland, I ended up with RSI (repetitive strain injury) that put me on disability for over a year, left me with multiple level disc damage in my cervical spine in addition to bilateral ulner neuritis, and limited the amount of time (esp. continual time) that I could spend on the computer. After realizing I didn't want to stop working with computers, but that I was unhirable with the amount of breaks I'd need to take, and days off I'd need during flare-ups, as well as much frustration with voice recognition software, I finally decided to just dive in and try and make a go of things on my own. Now I'm self-employed doing SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, condulting and love the freedom of being my own boss and not wasting time sitting in endless meetings!

Email address: [email protected]


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