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August 23, 2005



Editor Please Contact me at my address above. I like your site and want to get some information from you. Thanks

Bob Roth

4INFO (shortcode 44636) has a similar text message offering, but provides a few services that Google does not: sports scores ("packers" "nfl"), fantasy stats ("joe crede" "priest holmes"), flight times ("swa san jose san diego") and a beta version of mobile download search. All these services can be accessed via sms (44636), wap (http://wap.4INFO.net ), or email to search@4INFO.net.

Why 4INFO instead of Google?
“When asked recently for the address of a trendy downtown Manhattan club called Butter, both 4Info and Yahoo! located it on the first try. But Google sent back results better suited to baking.”
- Wendy Widman, Forbes.com. 8/3/2005

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