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February 25, 2005


Rusty Miller

Check out www.spamgourmet.com

Spam Gourmet lets you create disposable, expiring (configurable) e-mail that is redirected to your real address. Note my e-mail above: The "TC" reminds me that I gave it to Technically Cool, the "20" is the total number of e-mails that I will ever allow (I can change it to zero if I receive spam and that address will never be forwarded - it will be "eaten", hence the name Spam Gourmet) and the "rusty" is my user name. Recursor.net points to Spam Gourmet, but is less likely to raise suspicion if I give it to someone face-to-face.


the only problem i see with +string is the fact that all that is needed is a software program that would strip the + to @ area of an emailaddress and they would have the true address easly, to spam


The way I see it, there are two solutions. First, GMail's anti-spam system is apparently very good.

Second, you could always use free disposable addresses from spamgourmet.com

They provide a much more advanced set of tools to keep spam away.

...and I should know. I get about two spam per year, both to a non-expiring alias (I never give out my real box) that I'm just plain too lazy to stop using.


Re: spammers stripping out the + part:

If you always use pluses from the start and never give out your "real" address, then you can block everything that doesn't have the plus part.

If you already use the "real" address, then you can take advantage of the fact that gmail ignores "." in your address. For example if you always use myname@gmail.com, then create your plus addresses as my.name+anything@gmail.com. Then if the plus gets stripped out by spammers, you can block my.name@gmail.com and still get stuff at myname@gmail.com.

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