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Oh, what a find! Hardwood floors bring out a sort of old charm and elegance to a home, dont you think? I enjoy finding little rugs to decorate with as well. :) I found this neat article on making new hardwood floors like old/vintage.
Im not sure many people would want to touch their new floor, but its an idea none-the-less. Maybe if his floor is a bit damaged, he can use some of the ideas in this article. Good luck with things!


Yes, our friend was thrilleed to discover his hidden hardwood floors! Wish I was so lucky (we've already peeked under our carpets, but no go). Thanks for the article suggestion, Meredith! Interesting read and has given our friend some new ideas!



It's a pity you seem to have stopped blogging. You have a nice way of writing and a really good looking blog.



Wanted to know if anyone knows how to remove "parquet" wood tiles. They are glued to the plywood underneath, and it is very difficult to remove. Any suggestions other than alot of elboy grease and blistered hands from prying them up with a flat crowbar?


When working where you will likely get blisters, put duct tape on your fingers, and then wear gloves. The friction from the gloves handling the tool will be not on your fingers but on the duct tape. Same thing when dealing with laying blocks/bricks.


I'd like to repeat or rephrase Tanya's question: How do we remove tile that has been glued down to lovely hardwood floors beneath? I'm afraid pulling them up with a crowbar will damage the wood. Any thoughts?


Personally I have self stick tiles on a hard wood floor and I'm in the middle of using a heat gun to soften the adhesive for pulling it up, and a super heavy duty solventfor getting up the rest of the adhesive The floor stays sticky for a while, but I put down a cheap area rug and after a week or two the floor isn't sticky anymore- my guess is that the solvent sightly dissolves the original finish and it takesa while to re-dry. It's not easy work, but it's progressing pretty well.

Linda Reynolds

That is a great tip. I will be sure to remember this one.

Mathew Bossert

It's amazing what people will put down over hardwood. I don't get it, it's much easier to just refinish the hardwood and cheaper too.

kate stevens

Hardwood floors look amazing and really add so much to a room. Why would anyone tile over hardwood?? Thanks for the article!

John McAuliffe

My son has recently bought a home, and we have discovered that the previous owner had thought of himself as somewhat of a handy man.

First we spotted the plaster roof in the lounge which had been "repaired" by this genius; and is like looking at a glacier!
Then there was the glued down carpet directly onto the beautiful wooden floors; We managed to get some special solvent glue remover which cut down the amount of time to get rid of that problem.
But then our erstwhile home handyman thought it would be a good idea to lay down the tiles in the bathroom and toilet directly onto the wooden floor, and then some time later decided to glue another layer of lino onto some wood sheeting over the top of the existing tiles!

We are at a loss to know what to do; because thus far it has taken no less than 6 hours to remove the top layer, and only half of the tiles in the toilet. All going well and with the help of a sledge hammer, and the almighty; we may achieve complete removal of the rest of the tiles in this very tiny bathroom and toilet in another 8 to 10 hours!
Wish us luck!

Zack Nutter

Thanks for the info im getting ready to pull up some tile and this should help


Thanks for the tip! Sometimes DIY home improvement is the way to go. However, regarding Ray and Tanya's question, I think you might want to have a contractor look at that to give you an idea of what your options are. Some do offer free on-site assessments.


Congratulations on persevering with the tiles. So many people give up part way through and many end up getting a much inferior floor layed.

Steven Lodrhowe

Oh yeah, I agree Skip! A lot of peeps actually give up on flooring, simply because it's taking them quite some time. I dunno why they don't consider getting a professional to do it though! LOL.


I have asbestos tile on my hardwood floors. Any tips on what I need to do to get up the tough ones? Heat?

Steve Lillybeck

I've only removed tile that was laid with thinset and I know that, that was backbreaking, day-long work.

Don F

Awesome find with the hardwood flooring! Good to know that he could save the hardwood and re-finish it. I'm sure that helps the resale value :) Also, nice tip on the adhesive remover.

Houston Hardwood Floor refinishing

I had this same problem in a 1950 style house of a family member. The hardwoods were put down in the mid 50's, and the tile had been put over them in the 80's. It was a mess even with a mastic remover. Be sure to get the gel type, it stays in place much better. Refinishng is a given in these cass.


Yes, I know it's work to remove and rletsnail baseboard, but unless you have an older house with real wide baseboard it will look funny if you don't remove it, remember if you have 3 in. base and you don't remove it you will cover 3/4 in.for the floor and 3/4 in. or so for? the quarter round, that don't leave much base to see? (YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMOVE THE BASEBOARD)There is no law on how much baseboard you need, it's just what ever you think looks best. Thanks


Try WD40
Spray on old mastic, glue or whatever
Let sit on for 10-20 mins
Mastic will soften
Then scrape off with a 5 in 1
Or a hardwood floor scraper
Try not to damage the floor finish
It seems to work better then any other


There was the glued down carpet directly onto the beautiful wooden floors; We managed to get some special solvent glue remover which cut down the amount of time to get rid of that problem.

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