Funny signs - what were they thinking??

Thanks to Mark for submitting this item – as he pondered, “You have to wonder if this designer still has his job.”  This definitely falls into the category of “what were they thinking”?!?  I mean, the adult’s pelvis is arching towards the child in the logo.  Just what kind of pediatric center is this??

funny ads logos what were they thinking arlington pediatric center


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Passing out drunk with friends who have digital cameras? Priceless!

As if there weren't enough reasons to never pass out amongst 'friends'

drunk guy buried underneath hordes of beer cans and 15 or more trophies (possibly won in beer drinking contests?)


passed out drunk with college friends and you never know where your hands will end up -- up somebody's shirt, down somebody's pants -- at least the groping is mutual

one bottle of Spirytus: $30.  One bottle of Smirnov: $30.  A week of houseboating with friends... PRICELESS

the houseboating friends gather to display and enjoy their drunken work of art, complete with fingernails painted, lipstick applied, mustard for eyebrows, and areas things written upon him (painted?)


another drunk due to becomes part of an art installation as beer cans are stacked as many as four high all over his body, stuffed in a shirt, and balanced on his head -- clearly this guy is not moving



the old scribble on the drunk guy taken to the extreme

freaking nasty -- this guy passed out drunk, and his friends stuck a tampon in his mouth

passed out drunk and you're liable to get all taped up by your so-called friends that scratch -- here we seen multiple instances of both masking tape and that brown tape that you use for sealing up packaging -- looks like he might have a paper plate for a hat, I see a fork in choose three, some stuff that looks like salad -- it's all bad

drunk guy ends up looking like porcupine thanks to toothpicks in his hair

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