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Gratis blog

lol, så er det næste bare at lave tøj til dem ;)

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These pics are very funny, nice to see them, I love your blog! They all look nice, great pictures. All are glamorous pictures of cats.

Cool pets

These cats are looking very cool in this shades... It is one of my favorite blog..I love all the pictures especially the last one.. Very nice sharing!!!


wow, cats wearing sunglasses... i have a video of a cat playing in a bath tub full of bean bag chair stuff on Fireviews


Funny pic


LOL it was very funny I enjoyed it :) thanks for sharing you make my day ...I will keep visiting this blog very often.


I am love it realy cool pic


the superb pictuer 4ever i like realy much


They all look nice, great pictures.


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The first cat reminds me of Garfield. All are glamorous pictures of cats.


The first cat reminds me of Garfield. All are glamorous pictures of cats.

Joe the Dog Lover

I feel bad for the kitties.


OMG these kitties are adorable my favorite is #5 oh and I like #4 to but I wish my cat would let me do that to him!!!:):):)

Brittany and madison

these cats are the funniest cats ever... :]

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