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if you do so, please let it be in a reasonable amount of time.


Wow I really liked the pictures of the hippo and the turtle, but once I read all the comments I thought how the human kind has gone from good, to O.K., to just plain bad! I love animals and I'm always checking out animal sites and this just happened to be one of them, but now I'm regretting coming to this site because of all of the bad comments! I really hope that someone would talk some sense into the people who wrote those comments. By the way, would one of you be so kind, as to tell me what Nohbdy said because I never got to see his/her comment? Please, I would really like to see it.


Wow what a great bond of friendship! Did you guys see the official website? It's http://owenandmzee.com/omweb/home.html more pics over there.


If anyone wants to hear more on this story search baby hippo on Google and like 20 sites are on the page, look and see!!!


hippos r the best things on this earth there so beautiful and they have suck big boddie ITS JUST SO CUTE LOL


well i think hippos r so cute so any one got a porb with it dont need to care so there


well i think hippos r so cute so any one got a porb with it dont need to care so there


While helping my daughter with one of her third grade "Theme projects", We ended up here! Not only was it the perfect site for families to check out, but my daughter and I shared a priceless "mother;daughter" moment. Thank you : )


please visit my siye


How cute!!!!!!!! that's so sweet!!!!


beautiful story and pictures. oh! BTW has anyone ever watched Mind of Mencia? Here's a quote to you people DEE DEE DEE


I'm on U'r Island, neckin the soup

Rich Holtzin

What is it about people loving animals and nature that brings the best out in all of us? Could it be the more attention and focus we give to this great and mysterious organism mirrors what we are all inside and has nothing to do with our religious, cultural, racial, or political preferences and bias? Hmmmmmm. Thanks to these incredible photos of the tortise and the hippo we can enjoy a reprieve from the usual madness assailing our naughty natures. I say, more open spaces and wildlife, less human interferance in the natural process! (Dr. Rich Holtzin, Staff Instructor, Grand Canyon Field Institute)


What a georgeous picture, it made me smile until I read all the comments, some so called humans are just plain sad.

Christa Mereen

That was very cute

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