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Saroj Dhongadi

I like this comment. Pl. update me on such comments.

Saroj Dhongadi

Michael Tropp

Cool photos there are also some funny drunk pictures at www.ithinkiamdrunk.com


HaHa! I have painted many a drunken man's toenails hot pink! Wish I had taken pics - next time for sure!


awsome, anyone got drunken videos they can post? www.drunkenrant.co.uk


they are fucking fucky man and so fammiliar i have seen allot of jokes done to poor passed out people ay
good one @!!!!


These pictures are great... go cowboys!


ur photos r probly da best I hav seen ever!! ThAnX!!! thanx 4 tha tonz of laughs!,
nd tha nude pix are of great art >>thanx 4 sharing~ nd a thank u 2 arylenj 4 fwdn me da site =)~~mwa~~ ((shout out 2 emily``))


lfmao!!!! these poor basterds are himmed up! lol... thanks for the laugh!


hahahha i love the one with the dude who's got the 3 drink towers on him we did that to one of our mates when he passed out hahha fuk yer!!!!!!


I Love all of the pics they are soooooo funny

wang chong

they are awsome pics ive done that b4!!!!!! FUN AS!!!


i lv these potos tey made my fukin day XxXXxXxXxXXx lollolololololol

jesse VAnBuskirk

Seeing this pictures makes drinking not sound like such a good idea after all.. lol These picures are halarious!


these pics r fukin funny.


LOL. These are so funny

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